About Us

Vision, Mission, and Beliefs

Our School’s Vision 

(Where We Want Kids to Be)


Our vision, as the Randolph Howell Learning Community, is to inspire a

passion for learning, working collaboratively to ensure all students succeed.

 Our School’s Mission 

(How We Will Get Them There)

Teachers, Staff, and School Leaders will work together to fully nurture

 the potential of each individual and prepare our students to serve as leaders in tomorrow’s world.


Student Friendly Mission Statement

     At RHES, we are learners today, leaders tomorrow.


 In Our School:

1.        Teachers are passionate about student centered learning.
2.        Teachers, Staff, and School Leaders work collaboratively.
3.        Student learning drives everything we do.
4.        Students set measurable and achievable goals for themselves.
5.        Students know they are safe.
6.        Teachers, Staff, and School Leaders have high expectations for students.